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Dates of pre-enrolment and enrolment


To enrol in the first year of a bachelor’s degree course at Catalan public universities, pre-enrolment is required.

More information on pre-enrolment periods can be found at this link .

ENROLMENT IN THE FIRST YEAR OF A COURSE AT THE POLYTECHNIC SCHOOL must be processed in person at the secretary’s office of the centre.

Three different enrolment periods have been established in accordance with the modality that a student used in obtaining his or her place at the university during pre-enrolment:

  • Place obtained as a first preference.
  • Place obtained on subsequent preferences.
  • Place obtained in the September call.

Enrolment dates can be seen on the Enrolment Calendar.

Additional enrolment information regarding documents, scholarships, payment, dates and timetable can be found on the enrolment webpage or at the secretary’s office of the centre.

The centre’s address is: 

Av. Pla de la Massa, 8

08700 - Igualada

Phone: 93 803 53 00


Except for those students who transfer their academic record and enrol in person at the secretary’s office, other bachelor’s degree students can self-enrol online at

Students can obtain their user name and password from the computer room.

The two groups of students who may use self-enrolment online are:

Bachelor’s degree students of the second and third course.

The enrolment period can be found at this link.

Enrolment preferences depend on the availability of places and the average grade of the student record.

At this link you will find the date and time assignment of the self-enrolment related with that prioritization.

Changes may be made throughout whole enrolment period.

Students who have applied to change from the old syllabus to the bachelor’s degree (prior application made at the secretary’s office).

The enrolment period can be found at this link.

Students who enrol in person are:

Students transferring their academic record or those who must enrol in validated or recognized subjects.

Enrolment can be done in person at the secretary’s office from 9:30 A.M until 2:00 PM.

Section Altres tràmits de matrícula of the secretary office’s webpage explains how to perform enrolment modifications.

These modifications do not involve any financial cost, if they are carried out within the stated period.